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what are the origins of
blue lines?
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Blue Lines.  Blue Lines are the beginning.  They are the headwaters of ideas that start small, high in the Aether and frequently do not have any shape, guidance or even direction except towards each other.  Each Blue Line tenaciously seeks out the next and persists until it converges.  Ever aligning and increasing in strength and influence, nameless and seemingly insignificant Blue Lines work deceptively indifferently but astound by moving mountains.


Please explore BlueLines for inspiration and ideas about fishing in New England, North Carolina and the Catskills with more to come.  Or truly depart for a few moments and visit and play one of the Quiet Loops and savor the offerings in Poetry of Fly Fishing.

Blue Lines quite literally refer to the countless and nameless lines on a map that feed larger named streams and so on until they reach the oceans, and, by the way, move a few mountains in their passing.  Those trickles descending off the western slope of Mt. Washington to form the Ammonsoosuc or the those falling off the eastern slope through Tuckerman's to form the Ellis or Big Poplar and Rock Creek(s) off Mt. Mitchell are the highest and some of the most prominent Blue Lines in the East and help to feed waters that ensnare Fly Anglers year-round.

BlueLines Fly Fishing exists to motivate, inspire, educate and enhance every Angler's personal experience.  We are for the person who realizes that it's not fish we're fishing for and that Fly Fishing is about the transformational moments of personal discovery and reflection that occur regularly out on the water away from the concerns of… catching a fish.  A BlueLines Angler has uncompromising and discerning tastes for everything within his or her control and a flexible welcome and acceptance of the natural world and the indifferent delights that it casts about even on the worst days.

The world is an endlessly indescribable place with once-in-a-lifetime hyperbolic moments under every rock.  However, there is no need to travel so far – especially in the grips of Covid – as there are numerous fresh and salt, warm and cold water destination experiences within a 3-hour drive of where you are right now.  We are actively enhancing existing and fostering new relationships from the Appalachians to the Atlantic from Georgia to Maine to offer comprehensive resources and experiences to anyone seeking to get on the water or out in the woods for a day, a weekend or a more memorable commitment. Visit us often as we are also working to add wam water and salt water fly fishing resources as well as Birding and Upland Game Hunting.


 We have an active and developed presence in the mountains of Western North Carolina so please visit and lose yourself in  

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